ThyCa Conference Changed a Life - It Could Change Yours, Too

Cindy Hellinger's surgery and thyroid cancer treatment was more difficult than she ever imagined. It left her feeling ill, confused and unsure of herself. But attending the ThyCa conference changed all that. Now she tells any thyroid cancer patient or caregiver who will listen about ThyCa and, especially, the ThyCa Conference.

"Attending the International Thyroid Cancer Survivors' Conference changed my life," Cindy begins.

"After a thyroidectomy with modified neck dissection and then radioactive iodine treatment for papillary thyroid cancer, my Thyroglobulin test indicated that I had residual thyroid cancer. When various diagnostic testing revealed no metastases, the specialists were left scratching their heads. They recommended surgery and another RAI treatment with 'hopes' of helping."

Disheartened, confused, and a bit skeptical, she attended the conference. "I was blown away by all the information that related directly to my case. At one point, I began to cry, because, for the first time since my diagnosis, I felt courageous and confident about what I needed to do."

She felt the medical professionals at the conference were true experts and was inspired by their dedication and kindness. "As a result of attending the conference, I received specific information I could apply to my case. I believe it may have saved my life!"

In addition to the information which was pivotal to advocating for her own care, she enjoyed meeting fellow thycans and hearing their stories. "I believe that as a result of the conference, the learning and meeting new friends have made me appreciate that, even though I do not like having cancer, I would never have met these wonderfully committed and inspirational individuals otherwise!"