Board of Directors

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We are proud to introduce the members of our all-volunteer ThyCa Board of Directors, our fulltime Executive Director, and our committees and advisors.

The members of our Board of Directors bring diverse backgrounds and professional experience to their volunteer service to ThyCa. In addition to giving much time to direct support of thyroid cancer survivors, our Directors meet online to plan and develop our services.

Our board members also handle numerous behind-the-scenes tasks needed to keep our services running smoothly, lead outreach and development efforts, and guide and support all our volunteers. Our hundreds of volunteers serve on committees that provide direct support services, organize educational events, develop print and electronic materials, and are involved in outreach activities and research advocacy.

In collaboration with the Board of Directors, ThyCa's Executive Director is responsible for day-to-day management to further ThyCa's vision and strategic plan to further grow support services, education, and outreach, especially for underserved populations, as well as to foster research advocacy and alliances.

Board of Directors
Bridget Corcoran, Treasurer
Karen Ferguson
Anita Hubbard, Recording Secretary
Bill McClain
Howard Solomon, Chair

General Counsel
Kurt Alexander

Board Members Emeritus 

In recognition of their contributions on ThyCa's volunteer board of directors, several past board members have been given the honorary title of Board Member Emeritus. Their service to ThyCa is greatly appreciated.
Sara Brenner
Joni Eskenazi
Ron Grafman 
Leah Guljord
Kim Van Hassel
Peggy Melton 
Mary Catherine Petermann
Melanie Reiser
Marilyn Sherman
Betty Solbjor
Eric Vahlbusch
Kathryn Wall

In Loving Memory of
Board Members Emeritus
Ric Blake (1945 - 2011)
Jan Scheuerman (1933 - 2007)
Megan Stendebach (1961 - 2008) 
Jo Walker (1932 - 2013)
Cherry Wunderlich (1944-2021)
Mary Rose Weckerle (1946-2021)

Executive Director
Gary Bloom

Year-Round Committees and Coordinators

Support Services
E-Mail Support Groups — Gary Bloom
E-Mail Response Team — Pat Paillard, Theresa Wickerham
Local Support Groups — Abby Melendez, Theresa Wickerham
ThyCa Person To Person Network — Karen Ferguson
Toll-Free Number Team — Daria Jerauld

Caregivers’ Web Site — Louise Samuel
Conference — Gary Bloom, Theresa Wickerham
Publications — Gary Bloom, Daria Jerauld, Roberta Perry
Website — Betty Solbjor, Joel Amromin
Workshops — Gary Bloom, Kathryn Wall, Theresa Wickerham

Outreach, Awareness, Community Relations
Outreach — Daria Jerauld, Roberta Perry
Professional Relations, Associations — Gary Bloom

Research, Resource Development, Volunteers
Fundraising Programs — Anita Hubbard, Gary Bloom
Membership — Theresa Wickerham
Research Advocacy and Grants — Gary Bloom
Spirit Items — Theresa Wickerham
Technology — Gary Bloom
Volunteers — Theresa Wickerham

....and more programs and projects that welcome volunteers.

Non-Discrimination Policy
ThyCa is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, or sexual orientation. This policy covers all programs, services, policies, and procedures, including admission to educational programs and employment.