Low-Iodine Diet

The Low-Iodine Diet (LID) is a short-term diet that most doctors recommend to help papillary and follicular thyroid cancer patients become “iodine hungry” prior to scanning or treatment with radioactive iodine. The following documents are free:

For a handy one-page summary of the LID:

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For a general overview and quick summary of the LID, without downloading the entire cookbook, please refer to the Low-Iodine Diet Quick Guide:


For a one page document on how to read salt labels:


For the entire Low-Iodine Cookbook:

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To request a copy of the Cookbook be mailed to you, please write us at thyca@thyca.org or call us at +1-877-588-7904 and leave a message. Be sure to leave us your complete mailing address and let us know when you will be starting the LID.

NEW: To use the ThyCa LID App, please click here. For videos related to the LID, including a video tour of the ThyCa LID App, please go to our YouTube LID Playlist

To download the Low Iodine Diet Cookbook as an e-pub, please go to iTunes or GooglePlay

For parents and children coping with thyroid cancer who need help with the LID, please refer to Appendix D on page A-4, towards the back of the 9th Edition Low-Iodine Diet Cookbook in English.

For a week’s worth of budget-friendly and nutritious LID recipes, please refer to Appendix B on page A-2 towards the back of the 9th Edition Low-Iodine Diet Cookbook in English.

The Index of Recipes found in Appendix E on page A-6 towards the back of the 9th Edition Low-Iodine Diet Cookbook in English will provide you some details on finding recipes that have international flavors, are vegetarian or vegan friendly, are easy to prepare and are kid-friendly.

To see a listing of all low iodine diet recipes we’ve collected over the years, please go to our Recipedia.

Last updated:  March14, 2023