ThyCa Cares for Kids!

Free Backpacks Help Children with Thyroid Cancer

ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association is pleased to announce a new support and caregiving project for children and adolescents who are being treated for thyroid cancer.

Thanks to the efforts of a young man named Tim from Maine, backpacks filled with useful items, information, and gifts are available, free of charge, from ThyCa, for families with children and adolescents diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

Tim is a 14-year-old who is a thyroid cancer survivor and knows first hand what it’s like to have thyroid cancer. He is working on his Eagle Scout Merit Badge and decided to initiate this Thycakids backpack project. He worked on making information available about thyroid cancer in terms easy for kids to understand.

Tim received assistance from Paula Danielle Langley from Michigan, who is Miss Oakland County’s Outstanding Teen. Paula has a family member who is a thyroid cancer survivor. It has become a mission for both Paula and Tim to help get the word out about thyroid cancer and to help educate their communities.

“Tim was able to get items donated for this project, which really shows he’s a go-getter!” said Lauri Huber, ThyCa Pediatric E-Mail Support Group Moderator, of Morton, Illinois, and parent of a teenage thyroid cancer survivor.

“If you know of a child or teen who is going through thyroid cancer treatment, contact us here at ThyCa ( or 1-877-588-7904), so we can get one of Tim’s backpacks of thyroid cancer information to the families who need it.”

“I just personally want to thank both Tim and Paula and their mothers for helping bring this project from a dream to a reality,” she added. ”Thanks, Tim, for turning something negative like thyroid cancer into a positive and beneficial project.”

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