Medullary E-Mail Support Groups

There are two groups available to support people dealing with Medullary Thyroid Cancer:

1. The Medullary Information Exchange Group, where we exchange factual information about MTC. Topics include:
  • Questions & Answers about MTC
  • Updates about new developments in MTC research: papers, conferences, clinical trials, etc.
  • Personal anecdotes, histories or updates pertinent to our experiences with MTC.
  • Announcements from ThyCa

2. The MTC Support Emotional Support Group, where members can get to know each other on a more informal basis and discuss just about anything. Topics include:

  • Messages requesting or offering emotional support
  • "Get to know each other" notes and general chit-chat
  • Personal status updates, even if not related to MTC
  • Discussion and planning of "meddie" social events

To join either or both of these groups, go to:

Which MTC group should I join?
If you're new to our community, we recommend joining both groups. As you become a "veteran meddie," you may find that you want less frequent emotional support from the MTC Support group but want to stay engaged in the Information Exchange Group so that you can keep up to date on the latest research and treatment news.

Last updated:  March 12, 2023