Invitation for the ThyCa Memorial Quilt and Video Slide Show

Over the years we have lost so many phenomenal people to this horrible disease called Thyroid Cancer.

This year we want again, as last year, to extend our tradition of recognizing, posthumously, individuals who have made the great fight for their life, but have passed away.

Memorilal QuiltEach year, we've requested permission to include your loved one in our Conference Booklet, given to everyone at the annual International Thyroid Cancer Survivors' Conference, and have offered to send you a copy for any and all family members. We continue to invite your permission to do so, and our Booklet will again have a Memrial page.

In 2013, we again would like to extend this memorializing in 2 ways.

One of our longtime volunteers, Leah Guljord, has created a Memorial Quilt. Pictured here are the first four squares.

Her vision is to include all of our angels. So, if you give us permission to include your angel in the Conference Booklet, she will also create a quilt square in your angel's memory. The ThyCa Memorial Quilt will be on display at the annual International Thyroid Cancer Survivors' Conference. We will take pictures of it, and display it for all to see on our website.

Additionally, we are creating and expanding our Video Slide Show of photographs, and meaningful quotes, of our angels, to run in the background during parts of the International Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Conference. The slide presentation will be modest, and intended to honor those who have become angels through the years.

If you would like us to include your loved one’s picture in the slide presentation, please send us an attached photo (jpeg), along with a brief summary (if you like) of your loved one's contributions to ThyCa, no matter how small, and we will see that the photo gets into the slide presentation, for this second year of many Memorial Celebration Slide Shows.

Please send the photo and information to Cheri Lindle, ThyCa Volunteer, at no later than September 15, 2013, for inclusion in the 2013 video slide show.