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Unithroid Update


June 5, 2014—Many ThyCa members have reported difficulty getting Unithroid® pills for their thyroid hormone replacement. The most frequent difficulty has been with the 125 mcg dosage. 

We asked Lannett Pharmaceutical whether it is having production issues with Unithroid.

Lannett replied that some items are on backorder, that this is a short term circumstance, and that there is no production issue with the product. Unithroid® will be available for most strengths within the next few weeks. 

If anyone has difficulty getting their Unithroid® prescription filled, Lannett suggests that they use Lannett's/Jerome Stevens generic Levothyroxine Sodium, and adds that it is exactly the same as Unithroid® and the generic is readily available in all strengths at local Walgreens or Kroger.