Hugs, Hearts & Hands

Please join us in honoring, memorializing, or sending good wishes to our dedicated volunteers, family members, medical advisory council, or anyone who has touched your life in support of Thyroid Cancer. Mail the form, enclosed with your donation by check or credit card, and we'll post the names of those people that you have chosen right here. This will be an ongoing list -- exciting to watch it grow! All donations, which are very much appreciated, will go to our Research Funds, with a minimum request of only $2 per line. In the form and also on your check, please designate into which of the Two Research Funds, General or MTC you would like your check or donation by credit card to be deposited.

Thanks for supporting this new and very fun way to pay tribute to those we love. Pull up this webpage often and check it out!

Joann Eskenazi
on behalf of your ThyCa Fundraising Committee

Hugs, Hearts & Hands to Frank Bireley for acting as liaison between ThyCa Suncoast and Lee Memorial Hospital, including Lee Cancer Care.

Hugs, Hearts & Hands to Christine Lanotte for her many trips to the post office over the years.

Hugs, Hearts & Hands to Sally Fontaine for always bringing WARM muffins to our meetings!

Hugs, Hearts & Hands to Simon Eskenazi, 5 years old, for designing the touching artwork logo for this project.

Hugs, Hearts & Hands to Roselle Kovitz, our Seattle Support Group facilitator for her dedication and devotion. --From our entire Seattle Support Group.

Hugs, Hearts & Hands to Mary DeBenedetti for her ongoing support of ThyCa and the helping hand she extends to all of us with MTC. --Joni Eskenazi